BIGBUCK Game Coolers of North Carolina is a White’s Warehouse product delivering superior quality walk-in coolers for the refrigeration and storage of large game.

BIGBUCK Game Coolers and White’s Warehouse are wholly owned subsidiaries of White’s Refrigeration, whose expertise and impeccable reputation in the installation, service and support of commercial and industrial refrigeration and ice making equipment lend perfectly to the big-game hunting industry.

Since White’s Refrigeration’s inception in 2001, owner/operator Matt White has developed a client base of grocery and food–service industries to farmers and commercial fisheries, spanning southern Virginia to northern South Carolina; from the Outer Banks to Charlotte, North Carolina.

With BIGBUCK Game Coolers under the White’s umbrella, Matt and his dedicated team aim to continue providing the quality and expertise that hundreds of clients trust; designing and building high-end walk-in game coolers for discerning hunters, hunting clubs and businesses that require the convenience and versatility of large cooling, freezing and storage units.

With meticulous hand-craftsmanship, infinite customization and superior grade components, BIGBUCK Game Coolers will offer not only excellent return on investment but timeless appeal and symbol of good taste.

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