Walk in Coolers for Deer or Large Game

Are you looking for a walk in cooler for deer or large game to complete your hunting experience? We are a company dedicated to developing and crafting the most desirable big game accessories. Specializing in deer and game coolers for commercial, professional and personal spaces. Game preservation, processing and hunting enthusiasts keep reading!



Walk in Coolers and Freezers Designed to Outperform the Competition

BIGBUCK GameCoolers of North Carolina and Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Inc. have joined forces to deliver an industry first: The Ultimate Sportsman Box refrigeration unit; a superior walk-in cooler and freezer for hunters and taxidermists for the cooling, freezing and storage of large game that is unlike any refrigeration unit on the market. BigBuck and Bally are both dedicated and expert teams, working together to provide meticulously designed and quality built, high-end walk-in game coolers for discerning hunters, outfitters and processing businesses who require large refrigeration units offer the utmost in convenience and versatility.

BigBuck GameCoolers can build any size of walk in cooler or freezer combo using the highest quality components from Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Inc. We have exactly the equipment and refrigeration designs to give your lodge, meat processing company or taxidermy business top-notch status. BigBuck walk-in deer and game coolers offer impressive designs and superior-grade components that set us apart from our competition.

  • Doors and panels offering non-ozone depleting rigid insulation that is foamed in place and securely bonded to metal skins for tremendous structural strength,
  • A reinforced steel frame with thermal breaker to prevent twisting, sagging and eliminates the need for structural help,
  • Units are installed quickly, easy to relocate and fully expandable.


Walk in Coolers Built to be the Best

We know that big game hunting is more than just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. Hunters have discerning tastes and impeccable standards. That’s why you need state-of-the-art facilities that safely and quickly cool harvested game within that critical time to avoid meat spoilage. Proper handling of game or fish between field or stream, to the table, is imperative.

BigBuck GameCoolers of North Carolina has exactly the equipment and refrigeration designs that will give your home or hunting lodge top-notch status. A symbol of good taste, BigBuck walk-in deer and game coolers offer impressive designs and superior-grade components that will simply make you the envy of your hunting buddies, clients and other hunting clubs. Get ready to turn your average hunting trip into a life-changing experience!

With BigBuck GameCoolers first-of-its-kind cooler/freezer combo – The Ultimate Sportsman Box – not only hunters are benefiting but taxidermists, meat processing companies and commercial game storage facilities are raving about our exceptionally built, premium products. We’re talking about the innovative walk-in cooler units with a built in freezer compartment. You can rely on BigBuck GameCoolers for sturdy, commercial grade equipment built by the leader in refrigeration.

Get the big game fridge of your dreams!

Deer and Game walk in coolers

Deer and Game Hunting Walk in Cooler/Freezer


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Customized to impress the choosiest

Customize your specific refrigeration needs into a complete BigBuck design that ticks all of the boxes. The state-of-the-art amenities included in your personally created hunting, processing, storage and/or gathering space will convey prestige and luxury. The designers at BigBuck GameCoolers and Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Inc. are standing by to help you craft a complete BigBuck refrigeration unit that will make you the envy of everyone who knows you or your business.

Build your custom unit with your choice of:

  • Overall dimensions of cooler
  • Multiple cooler compartments (e.g. processing area, feed room, storage room)
  • Many available interior/exterior finishes
  • Roof and floor options
  • Variety of door sizes
  • Cooler and freezer accessories (e.g. trolleys, hooks, racks, shelving, etc.)

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The Buck Stops Here!

Standard size cooler and freezers are also available. Visit our Products pages for details!

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