The Ultimate- cooler/ freezer combo

The first walk-in deer and game cooler of its kind!

BigBuck Game Coolers has combines the unique benefits of both cooler and freezer units into one, two-compartment box, the first-of-its-kind Ultimate Sportsman Box will completely change how you hunt forever!

Add value to your hunting club when members have not only the benefit of quickly and conveniently refrigerating their game, but have easier processing, aging, and storage capabilities. Spend more time with clients and ultimately have more time out in the field.

Are you hosting a major hunting event or planning cookouts for large groups? You’ll have the capacity to store all of the game meat and anything else you’ll need to process, refrigerate or store, with the unparalleled advantage of your BigBuck game cooler.

Sizes for Cooler/Freezer combo

Standard two-compartment Cooler/Freezer combo sizes:

  •  6×8 square feet (total)
  •  8×8 square feet (total)


  • 1 30″ x 78″ Hinged Door In a 46″ x 82″ Panel
  • 1 36″ x 78″ Hinged Door In a 46″ x 82″ Panel


Outdoor-Packaged Roof Mount Pro3 .5HP 5120 Btu/h 115V/1/60  on 4×6  and 6×8 model Coolers

Outdoor-Packaged Roof Mount Pro3 .75HP 6860 Btu/h 230V/1/60  on 8×8 model Cooler

Hinged Entrance Doors:

  • Various sizes to suit any installation
  • Available panic hardware
  • Anti-condensate heaters


  • Stucco-embossed Aluminum
  • Stucco-embossed Galvalume steel
  • Stucco-embossed Stainless steel
  • Stucco-embossed White galvanized steel
  • Stucco-embossed Sand-tan galvanized steel
  • Smooth White galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Camouflage wrap
  • Custom metal, color, & coatings are available


All outdoor Walk-Ins must have a roof.

  • Membrane roofs, with gutters and downspouts
  • Pre-engineered Panel roofs
  • Built-up type roofs

Accessories and Extras

  • Observation Windows
  • Deadbolt Locks or Lockingbars
  • Ante-rooms, loading docks, vestibules
  • Meat hooks and rails
  • Meat trolley rail system


Industrial Cold Storage Doors:

  • Manual or power operation
  • Single or double horizontal slide
  • Manual swing doors


  • Freestanding shelving (various widths and lengths available)
  • Cantilever shelving (various widths and lengths available)