The Grunt-Walk in Freezer
You’ve done your job this hunting season and now comes the hard part. The storage. You need a hard-working solution to the question of where you are going to keep those animals. You need a convenient and reliable, energy efficient, and cost effective answer to where you are going to store the processed meat until you can re-fill your quota for next season; where you are going to keep your animals until the taxidermist is ready to mount your trophy.
So, you need a Grunt.
The BigBuck Game Coolers walk-in Grunt freezer is designed to allow for future expansion or relocation and is constructed of easy-to-assemble, lightweight panels and foamed-in-place, non-ozone depleting urethane insulation.
BBGC provides a wide selection of pre-assembled remote refrigeration systems. They are available in varied configurations, mounting styles, capacities, and voltages. Each component of your refrigeration system is constructed so it has the correct size, power and capacity for your BBGC walk-in freezer.
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Single Compartment Freezer Sizes

  • 4x6x8
  • 6x8x8
  • 8x8x8

Temperature Range: -80°F (-62.2°C) to 32°F (0°C)


  • 36″ x 78″ Hinged Door In a 46″ x 82″ Panel


  • 1 PTT 044 H 6BEC 208-230/1/60 4530 BTU Outdoor

Hinged Entrance Doors:

  • Various sizes to suit any installation
  • Available panic hardware
  • Anti-condensate heaters


All outdoor Walk-Ins must have a roof.

  • Membrane roofs, with gutters and downspouts
  • Pre-engineered Panel roofs
  • Built-up type roofs


BigBuck can provide design recommendations for many kinds of floor construction. We typically recommend:

  • Floor panels on a concrete pad
  • On-site fabricated built-in insulated floors

Structural Steel Support:

In some situations steel support is needed to suit local site conditions, construction regulations, and/or wind, seismic, and snow loading:

  • Ceilings: Suspended, and Self supporting
  • External steel shed structures
  • Lateral steel bracing, and proper steel support


  • Stucco-embossed Aluminum
  • Stucco-embossed Galvalume steel
  • Stucco-embossed Stainless steel
  • Stucco-embossed White galvanized steel
  • Stucco-embossed Sand-tan galvanized steel
  • Smooth White galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Smooth White aluminum
  • Galvanized steel
  • Camouflage wrap
  • Custom metal, color, & coatings are available

Accessories and Extras

  • Strip curtain
  • Observation Windows
  • Deadbolt Locks or Lockingbars
  • Digital Thermometers & Alarms
  • Dock: Seals, Shelters, Lights, and Levelers
  • Partition Wall Panels
  • Ante-rooms, loading docks, vestibules
  • Digital Thermometers & Alarms


Industrial Cold Storage Doors:

  • Manual or power operation
  • Single or double horizontal slide
  • Vertical rise
  • Sectional overhead
  • Infitting


  • Freestanding shelving (various widths and lengths available)
  • Cantilever shelving (various widths and lengths available)