The Trophy Box- cooler only
The Trophy Box Deer and Game Cooler

Nothing beats a day in the woods; the sunshine on your face, the blissful silence, the fresh country air. What’s your goal this year? To fill this season’s hunting tags? To fill another space on the hunting lodge wall? Enough meat to try out that arsenal of new recipes?

As a hunter, you know that quickly cooling harvested game to a safe storage temperature is critical to avoiding meat spoilage!

Take control of your hunt all the way from the field to the table. Enjoy the day without worrying about the next steps of the process.

Hunters, meat processors, outfitters and lodges use BBGC walk-in coolers. Our customers store deer, alligators, moose, bear, and every type of game in between, all over the world. Whether you are an early season big game hunter, or a year-round rancher or processor, you need a BigBuck Game Coolers unit.

Single Compartment Cooler Sizes

  • 4x6x8
  • 6x8x8
  • 8x8x8


  • 36″ x 78″ Hinged Door In a 46″ x 82″ Panel


Outdoor-Packaged Roof Mount Pro3 .5HP 5120 Btu/h 115V/1/60  on 4×6  and 6×8 model Coolers

Outdoor-Packaged Roof Mount Pro3 .75HP 6860 Btu/h 230V/1/60  on 8×8 model Cooler

Hinged Entrance Doors:

  • Various sizes to suit any installation
  • Available panic hardware
  • Anti-condensate heaters


  • Stucco-embossed Galvalume steel
  • Stucco-embossed Stainless steel
  • Stucco-embossed White galvanized steel
  • Stucco-embossed Sand-tan galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Custom metal, color, & coatings are available
  • Camouflage wrap



All outdoor Walk-Ins must have a roof.

  • Membrane roofs, with gutters and downspouts
  • Pre-engineered Panel roofs
  • Built-up type roofs

Accessories and Extras

  • Observation Windows
  • Deadbolt Locks or Locking bars
  • Digital Thermometers & Alarms
  • Meat hooks and rails
  • Meat trolley system


  • Manual or power operation
  • Single or double horizontal slide
  • Manual swing doors


  • Freestanding shelving (various widths and lengths available)
  • Cantilever shelving (various widths and lengths available)